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I help people, customers, businesses, and other organizations to resolve disputes of all types, involving money, services, interrelationships, or just disagreements. It’s a great way to avoid going to court, the outcome is usually better, and it can be done on your schedule and in your location – or sometimes even by phone.

Please read on and use the form below to ask general questions. Otherwise, if you wish to initiate a mediation with me immediately, please use the Confidential Statement By A Party To The Dispute.

The result is generally a binding, enforceable, written, signed agreement between all the parties which resolves all the issues. I know how to put this all together and give you an agreement that works,

From business associates to neighbors to families, if you need to work through some differences, or to deal with a situation to fully resolve it, I can help. I’m fully certified in mediation and I also volunteer at the local courthouse (Los Angeles Superior Court) mediating Small Claims, Civil Harassment, and Unlawful Detainer cases, if you need credentials.

I’m based in Los Angeles but can travel worldwide and can work in person or  by phone and email. I can probably help you very quickly, and my services are affordable and confidential.

Again, to initiate a mediation, please use the Confidential Statement By A Party To The Dispute.

Otherwise please use the form below to inquire about whether I can help you with YOUR situation. This message goes right to my phone and I will usually respond within  a few hours:

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If you have a situation that needs resolving and are interested in mediating, please describe the circumstances briefly. This form is intended to provide me with enough brief background to determine if I can assist you. (If I can not help you personally, I may be able to "point you in the right direction"). Include the following information:

  • Are you one of the parties in this issue?
  • What is the situation (please provide some detail)?
  • What from your perspective would be a good resolution to this situation?
  • Has either party tried to work things out directly with the other party?
  • Has either party taken (or threatened) any other approach? Seen a lawyer, set a court date, taken some other action, etc?
  • Would both parties be amenable to mediation, if offered? (If you are one of the parties, I can approach the other party on your behalf if required)

Please review the list at the top to make sure that you have answered as many questions as possible. I will usually contact you within one business day.

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